The main concepts behind the brand's personality were defined through 
workshops with the entire team. The outcome can be summarised into 4 main aspects:

_ Freilich is dynamic through its creative community;
_ Freilich is welcoming through its intimate art events;
_ Freilich is passionate and reliable;
_ Freilich is light and fresh.

The challenge of the Freilich's visual identity is to be recognisable and consistent with the brand's personality, at the same time that it embraces and shows all the different styles of the community artists' work.
The first asset to solve this challenge is the logo, which is a window to everything that is behind the brand. The logo's shape, inspired by the stencil frames, is strong and recognisable, at the same time that it can be looked through to the work of the artists and creative providers, as well as the community life.

Paintings by Lisa Gross and Jonathan Ka Von Seiten ( • ).
Guitar player picture by Jonathan Weidenbruch.

Photographies are an important element of Freilich’s visual identity as well. It is through them that we communicate the artist's work and personality, besides all the welcomeness and community life. Artist's portraits seek for reflecting the artist's personality, and graphically it resembles the presented artwork. The pictures of the events always show the welcomeness and intimacy of the community.

Guitar player and concert pictures by Jonathan Weidenbruch.

Freilich’s colour palette is designed for juxtaposing colours in bold and unexpected ways. Though we bring a variety of tones and temperatures, they are used in monochrome or in pairs (background + elements colours). 

The final outcome is a dynamic and flexible visual identity, that has a strong character at the same time it does not invade the artists' artworks and personality.

Painting by Jonathan Ka Von Seiten ( • )

Guitar player picture by Jonathan Weidenbruch.

Painting by Jonathan Ka Von Seiten ( • )

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