DO NOT PANIC. Freely inspired in Keith Haring, yes. Also inspired by my anxiety attacks, it is a quick reminder to look at the picture for some minutes in order to find out what is going on. Available at​​​​​​​
BUKOWSKY. One of my favourite sentences in the book
"Love is a Dog from Hell". Available at
LOVERS. Illustration for an emotional guide of São Paulo. Available at
VAMPIRE WEEKEND. Poster designed for an independent design fair in São Paulo. Themed on the song Unbelievers. Available at
DESSAU 2025. Poster for exhibition at the University of Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany.
FAIL BETTER. Poster designed together with Veronica Rivera.
TYCHO SÃO PAULO. Poster designed together with Helena Hennemann and Renan Benvenuti, for Tycho's concert, São Paulo 2015.tnership
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