Hi! I am Natalia, a graphic designer from Brazil, with the current studio based in Vienna, Austria.

Freilich Open Arts is a creative platform and sharing community which connects art lovers and upcoming artists, encouraging and supporting them to organize and experience intimate art sessions. The design project involves the definition of the brand's personality, as well as its visual identity.
The Influencers Movement is an online platform that connects brands and influencers, working as well as a medium for management of influencer marketing campaigns.
SuperSocial is academy, office, and a bunch of people interested in doing good. The visual identity, illustrations and web design presented below were developed while working at Akkurat Identity. Access: http://www.supersocial.at/en/
Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt is responsible for the licensing and supervision of media in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. It also offers workshops about the production of media and new technologies to the locals. Visual identity developed while working with Bürohallo.
Fazenda da Toca is a Brazilian organic farm which practices and lives the organic culture. To represent the liveliness present in the whole system of the farm as well as in its products, we chose the botanic illustration and its wealth of details. Work done at Tátil Design in 2013. With Paloma Valls. Creative Director: Fernanda Sabóia. Illustrations: Dominique Jardy.
This icon set was developed to illustrate each section from Insiderei’s website. Developed while working at Akkurat Identity.
Amis is a perfume line from Natura, a sustainable and socially responsible Brazilian brand. The so-called tweens are hyper-connected and deeply engaged with their friends: sharing secrets, objects, idols, and living in an upbeat speed of discoveries and fun. Project selected for the 11th ADG Graphic Design Biennial. Work done at Tátil Design in 2014. With André Moreira. Creative Director: Fernanda Sabóia. Product Design: Juliana Santos, Alvaro Pontes, Rodrigo Maia. Planning: Kamila Signorelli.
Café am Hof is a boutique coffee house located in Vienna, Austria. The website was designed following the visual identity created by Typejockeys. While working at Akkurat Identity. Access: http://www.cafe-amhof.com/
Progress is an Austrian newspaper developed by students for students. The illustration bellow was developed for the edition September 2017, article about differences on living alone and in a shared flat.
Progress is an Austrian newspaper developed by students for students. The infographic bellow was developed for the edition October 2017.
Fashion Label Brasil is an association which spreads the work from Brazilian fashion designers all around the world. The brand's visual identity is inspired in the modernist art of Brazilian artists such as Volpi, Athos Bulcão and Amilcar de Castro. With Helena Hennemann. While working at Tátil Design.
Special edition package for Natura Sou. With Renan Benvenuti. While working at Tátil Design.
Guia Paulistano para Dias Sensacionais is a collection of city guides which explores São Paulo through the lenses of different feelings the city can offer to people. With Aline Melo, Giovanni Shiroma and Raphael Freire. Graduation project while attending University Belas Artes of São Paulo.
Inventário de Fracassos (Failures Inventory) is a collection of failure stories from around the globe. It was designed in only mono-spaced fonts, with the restrictions of a typewriter.
Here is a sequence of posters I designed for different purposes. Some of them are available for sale at my shop in curioos.com. Link above the image.
Diary of the Movements of the World uses mechanical and technological means to highlight contemporary life through movements of bodies and things. What is incarnated and tangible, beautiful and honest. It is an invitation to look closer. Exhibited in Bauhaus Fest 2016.